Another name for a person's critical judgement/thinking skills and mind.
"Oh my god, my son is fucked out of his gorg!"
by Sunny January 02, 2004
1. vomit. (noun)
2. the process of vomiting. (verb)
3. GORG is a legendary sand creature who is fabled to vomit constantly and talk in the third person. Originated in Wallaroo, South Australia. (proper noun)
1. Make sure you don't gorg in the taxi.
2. I was gorging in the gutter last night.
3. The spirit of GORG smiled upon me last night.
by barnacle b July 27, 2005
the main word used if someone is hot, it can also be used as "cool"
my starbucks coffee i just drank was gorg!
by kate December 25, 2004

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