1) The act of being 'run-through by a cow or any other 'horned' animal.
2) The act of speaking to Al Gore for long periods of time without dying of hearing the florida elections over and over.
1) Ow he got run-through by that cow.
by Eric January 23, 2004
Top Definition
(gôrd, gohrd)
To have one's hypocrisy exposed.
Al was gored when the power consumption of his mansion was released in the media.
#double standard #hypocracy #hypocricy #hypocrite #hypocrit
by Some Lao Wai April 25, 2007
The act of under minding and screwing someone over in a sneaky or caniving way.
What a two-faced snake in the grass to lie to your face and go behind your back like that. Dude, you just got gored...
#back stabber #lair #two-faced #deceitful #insincere #hypocritical
by 27 Boyz August 31, 2010
The result of being force fed Global Warming, while the world experiences historically low temperatures. See "Taken advantage of" and "Revoke Freedoms"
Erin sold her snowblower last year, after a few years of little to no use. Little did she know that she was Gored in the winter of 2008.
#al gore #global warming #consensus #hypocracy #gored #hysteria
by Ascoda March 12, 2008
A word that is used to describe how f**king stupid, retarded or just over-the-top boarderline f**kin f**ked a person, place or thing (noun) can possibly be.
You sir, are Gored.
Your/My car is Gored!
My Xbox is f**kin' Gored!

Person 1: "My computer is frozen"
Person 2: "No, it's just Gored, son."

F**kin' Banana Swayzee.
#gored #stupid #retarded #hawh #gore
by BlueGored February 01, 2011
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