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1. A person of unquestionably high intelligence, capable of fixing every computer based problem known to man, occasionally whilst completely pissed.

2. A person capable of drinking very high amounts of beer, but still being able to have control of at least 75% of their mental faculties

3. Someone who can fix and build computers in their sleep

4. The name of a person who runs servers with high levels of capacity and power, to the point that they might develop artificial intelligence
1. "Only a total Gorebrush can fix that problem, man."

2. "You drank that much, and you still managed to run a marathon. You Gorebrush!"

3. "Building that computer took no effort. I am Gorebrush."
by EvoShandor September 12, 2004
The tool used by game developers to create gibs.
"With the proper use of the gorebrush, you too can create a graphic FPS."
by LaughingTarget September 13, 2004
What happens when you fail to clean off your paint brush properly.
"Little Johnny, you had better clean your brush, we don't want a gorebrush, now do we?"
by LaughingTarget September 13, 2004