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To goreass means to do all the effort you can, to be ugly and disgusting; to be repulsive, to get people's rejection.

Looking people in the eyes when squinting; letting go of saliva when someone asks you a question; to purposely put your finger in your throat to vomit in front of someone (esp when he's rich and wears a suit,make sure something spills on his suit); to start shaking violently with foam on your mouth shouting or screaming very loud when someone tries to approach you; and become motionless again when he leaves; to stare past people instead of looking at them; to spit on yourself; to fart a silent and extreme smelly one, look at someone nearby, and start smiling; to regularly twitch your hear and stutter when talking to someone
Did you see that guy over there? He's a fucking freak!

Ha, I see you've met freddy! Don't worry, he's unbeatable in goreassing. Noone can beat him!
by Fukaface! December 17, 2010
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