Chinese: It means a big pile of shit (honest!)
American: Statement to tell someone that the bladder's full and you need to take a leak.

So, if you are an indian and are called "Gopi", just don't go to china or the western world.
Also, if you are indian, and are thinking of naming your child "Gopi", and you are already in China or the western world - damn, you're one cruel mutha!
Western World: Gopi, don't just stand there, Go pee!
Person A: Hey, Go pee!
Gopi: Huh? you want something?
Person A: hah, got him again.

Chinese: who cares, its a pile of shit, use it however.
by solus May 06, 2006
Top Definition
Gopi stands for GREATNESS. Individualistic, independent, interesting, iconoclaust, ...
Energetic, enthusiastic, enigmatic, entertaining, enduring, ...
Stylish, sensitive, sensuous, sexy, sure,...

Gopi always invites applause and praise from friends and foes alike.

Gotta meet him to know him.
He is so great; he is gopi.
by Gopi May 18, 2005
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