1. A slang word for turnip in south-west England.
2. An item of clothing worn about the wrist.
1. Stick those gopes in the stew
2. I'll just loosen my gope a little.
by Sazzle March 26, 2005
Top Definition
Internet slang for "hope"
"I have lost gope in this, every day this game gets more boring."
by Subaru-chan July 20, 2006
Being beast or fresh
kid:did you see his kickflip it was clean!
girl:ya that was gope
by purple skater December 05, 2009
The act of trying to "Get Some" in a desperate fashion.
The word is derived via a combination of the word hope and phrase "get some"
All he does is gope at the bar, he hasn't had any game since Gwen dumped him!

Is not always used to describe desperation:
"Im gunna go gope on those ladies over there!"
by Tenne Shoe May 06, 2010
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