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Pronounced 'goo - the'

Worthy of a Google.

Originating from an unknown source, although it is suspected that Cornelius Kirk, a Professor in Literacy and Hieroglyphic's, founded the word in Melbourne, Australia in 2011. The word has been a hit sensation in youth dialect and digital communication.
Hey, your girlfriends name is goothy images with safe search off!
by Jag Towken March 08, 2011
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When something comes up in conversation that is worthy of being googled.
It has come about from the use of the search engine Google. the Goo comes from Google and the -thy is the suffix derived from the word worthy. Commonly used in conversation when something needs more information. Most probably first used by Professor Cornelius Kirk.
Wow i didn't know that, that's goothy!
Are you sure? that's definitely goothy.
by Crunkins March 26, 2011
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Means good .
Hey Ma' What 's Goothy ?
by Chanse Alexxxandra November 11, 2009
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