bad sign, an omen of bad things to come
from the movie STAND BY ME. We just flipped coins to see who will go first, we all got "tails" - thats a gootch.
#gootched #gootcher #pwnt #owned #own3d
by unsonny December 26, 2005
Top Definition
the skin in between the scroutom(sac)and your anus.
'the dog tried to eat my gootch'
'carlos can't get enough of warrens gootch'
by HotHotJism April 23, 2004
The skin between your sac and your ass crack.
the mucsle stimulator stung his gootch
by willb3500 May 16, 2003
the area between pussy or sac and the anus
My gootch is mad itchy.
#gootch #ass #sac #gootchie #nuts
by earl23 October 15, 2006
He got kicked in the gootch!
by Ed K May 06, 2003
Used to tell someone that they are wrong or that you are better than them.
Lick me Gootch man!!!
#gotch #my gootch #lick gooch #goochtard #the gooch
by Taste_my_steel January 30, 2006
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