A wicked pretty girl who is super smart and amazing
"Omg she is such a goont"
by mickeymousedudeisawesome12 September 01, 2011
Top Definition
A person who is overly attached to someone who has no mutual feeling towards him!

A goont is also a person who frequently wrongly thinks that his/hers crush is also attracted to him/her
-"Michelle is such a goont"
-"Yeah...tell me about it!"
by NinjaDobe July 24, 2014
When a woman is so fat her gut and vagina form one crease.
Check out the goont on that sluz-whore.
by possa September 06, 2009
A kind of pony of the North Himalayas, strong but clumsy.
My goont can haul a heftier load than your beast of an SUV.
by Goont13 August 28, 2006
a lost booger... When someone finds a lost booger that came out of a kleenex and you cant find it but find it later on yourself.
Man Mitch, I found a "goont" on my lip. It must of been there all day with out me knowing
by Ha dizzle wizzle December 18, 2005
a chinese womens gentials
the chigga railed that azn biotch so hard it made her goont bleed.
by tizzy April 15, 2003
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