Tha realist out of them all..keeps it real..gutta & always rides fa her goon..tha female version of a goon
"im ya goon u my goonette"
"dang that goonette gutta"
by March 10, 2009
Top Definition
a real women.
a lady who straight up keeps it real and hood.

Na, dawg my girl wouldn't do nothing like that she a goonette.
by jeanie2 May 18, 2008
1. Strong, independent woman.
2. A woman who embodies and exudes confidence.
3. A woman who is able to overcome trials and tribulations set before her with style and grace.
4. Female hustler.
5. A survivor.

"i'm yo goon, you my goonette" - plies.
by boombooooom April 09, 2009
A chick that gets annihilated from drinking goon!
That chick drinks so much goon, shes such a goonette!

Person 1: *Passes out cuddeling goon bad*

Person 2:"Haha! Check out that goonette! she drank the whole cask!"
by Goonetteski July 21, 2009
your girlfriend/some one you flirt with
Ma goonette comein over tonight
by Enasty101x3 February 16, 2009
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