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A big, dumb black man hired to rough someone up.

A member of the Something Awful forums that happens to be black.
Chip: "Any word from that gooncoon we hired to take care of Ricky?"
Micky: "If you want it done right he oughta be white."

goon1: "i think hiphopmix101 is black."
goon2: "omgz are you telling me we have a gooncoon infestation!?"
by Butts Russell April 28, 2009
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A very drunken raccoon. Rarely to be found in the wild due to the scarcity of alcohol there. Goon coons usually live in sub urban areas looking for trash bins and open leftover alcohol to get into.
Lowell: Whoa look at that raccoon! I was going to chase him away but it couldn't run straight.

Fred: Dude that’s a goon coon! You shouldn't have left your beer in the garage dude.

Lowell: What? My beer! Damn goon coons!
by Goondued November 08, 2011

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