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Adjective describing a website that is appealing to Google in that it ranks high on Google searches; also describes a website whose description on a Google search listing is attractive to users, leading to a higher click ratio.
That there website is mighty googlicious.
#google #website #click ratio #search ranking #googleable
by Albany Lawyer Warren Redlich February 21, 2007
Noun- 1. Someone or something that is worthy of being Googled
2. Something thats really cool
That Jeopardy question was definitely googlicious
Did you see that ski run? it was totally googlicious!
#google #cool #lame #sweet #questionable #awesome
by Superblyck April 05, 2011
Adjective, Something which is extremely sexy, extremely useful, and extremely thought out. Generally used for times when words such as sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing just don't do justice.
Gmail is googlicious
#google #sexy #amazing #wonderful #beautiful #search engine
by Jeff Kackley March 15, 2006
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