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a googleplex is a very very large number

see also google
my example was too short so....
by Chadwick Jones February 17, 2004
a google is 1 with 100 zero's after
a googleplex is 1 with a google zero's after it
a google = 1x 10 to the 100th
a googleplex = 1 X 10 to the googleth
by Thomas Jefferson October 16, 2003
as a math major at university of oregon, I forgot how to count once I started the upper division math classes. Yes the non math/physics people think that math is about counting big numbers. that wound make my courses easier
In Differential Equations we students find a goggle search engine great for lokin up solutions on the web
by pat January 14, 2004
10^10^10^2 =
10^10^100 =
10^google =
1 googleplex
Google - The number one with a hundred zero's following it.
Googleplex - The number one with a google number of zero's following it!
A googleplex number of cubic (mm) would be larger than our entire galaxy.... (:^O
It would take a trillion people, writing a trillion zero's per second, a lot more than a trillion years just to write out the number googleplex.
(1,000,000,000,000,000,..., and so on)
by Jim November 17, 2003
the biggest number. a google has 1 and 100 zeroes after it. a googleplex has a 1 and google zeroes after it
googleplex wiser than einstein
by bill gates September 14, 2003
A verywise person, some one with all of the answers
homer simpson is googleplex
by john smiy November 12, 2004
the biggest number
I am a googleplex times smarter than you
by T August 06, 2003