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Goofy boots is simply another name for Marijuana in Trenton, Missouri...
Hey homie can i get a size 12 pair of goofy boots?

Sure, Thats gunna cost ya bout $30

Damn... I guess I will just take the size 8's then.
by February 20, 2005
Weed, ganja, marijuana, maryjane, chronic, dank, grass, etc... Traditionally goofyboots describes weed that has a more, well, silly effect on the smoker.
Damn, dude, I smoked them GOOFYBOOTS yesterday, I was talkin' to the wall, man!
by Kali Yuga Ghoul February 04, 2006
Wildly excited, even to the point of jumping up and down a bit.
Him: I can't believe you're not goofy boots about this car.

Her: It's nice, I'm just not into cars.

Him: Well I'm giving to you.

Her: REALLY?!! OMG! Seriously? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! OMG! OMG!

Him: Now THAT's what I'm talking about.
by Thidwick December 01, 2011
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