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someone who is exta crazy.really wild or overly hyper. also can mean an lame or a person who is stupid as hell
1)man look at lil' neal dat nigga a goof troop on my mama.

2)oh my fuckin' god look at dat nigga lil' neal over there fuckin' wit dem bussdowns dat nigga a goof troop.
by brianna johnson May 26, 2006
A Goof Troop is simply a group of weird or goofy people geeks dorks
OMG look at that Goof Troop over there! They're so weird!
by Kevin Fairbanks (remember it) March 04, 2008
Someone who is just an extreme goofster, someone who plays the bluegrass banjo
"Did you see Brian G. today?"-Steph
"Yeah, he is a total gooftroop"-Cam
by SandylovesBrianG. October 25, 2007
1.Someone Who Acks A Plump Fool,Dey Alwayz On Goofy Mode So Dey Become A Goof Troop.
1.Look At Dat Goof Troop Ovah Dere Bustin Up. A Goof Troop For Real.
by ~Lady Trey Songz~ May 15, 2007
(v.) the act of kidnapping someone and taking them to a remote area and leaving them there with no clothes or any form of help in finding their way home
That motherfucker ripped me off, let's goof troop that son of a bitch.
by YtownRenegade January 16, 2012
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