To be greater than good.
My new girlfriend is so much gooder than my ex-girlfriend.
by Michael Gomez September 02, 2007
Top Definition
meaning - better than good or gooder than good
oh man that movie was a gooder
Gooder: being more good than you were before
That beer was gooder.
by so fresh and so colleen November 01, 2011
adj. – Better, Good, and Greater will fall behind Gooder, however Great, Excellent and Best would be a higher accomplishment.
The gooder the better.
by rlc82 January 20, 2009
Used to describe an item of particular goodness. Most often when referring to rolled up endo.
Check it out, homie rolled a gooder.
Damn, that is a gooder. Spark it.
by LHazel September 22, 2010
Lasy people's way of saying better.
Chocolate is gooder than ice cream.
by Amanda August 09, 2004
To be better then good over the top not lower
I am Gooder then you . Your just good but I'm gooder
by Scoop2020 November 29, 2015

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