A term used by trannies who look to pleasure themselves and their sexual partner with the same hand.
Person 1: Yeah that he-she is known for their good hand
Person 2 : Fag
by Sash marler June 22, 2006
Top Definition
The characteristic of a person who engages in irresistible sexual foreplay. Good hands will turn on a person's partner well, skillfully, and with excellent knowledge (or guessing) of how the other person will react. This phrase refers to a satisfying or titillating encounter with someone who clearly has experience.
1. I was planning on saying "no" and leaving when things heated up, but s/he has good hands and I realized that staying would have a nice reward.

2. I've been told I have good hands.
by neversaynever June 21, 2008
a better hand = a better position
a suit says hi to a grocery store bagger.
bagger says
"you got the good hand son"
by steezy September 18, 2003
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