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Capital of NY, theres never a dull night. Really good punk/hardcore scene.
Bombers burrito bar is the best place to eat in downtown Albany!
by Steezy July 28, 2004
a better hand = a better position
a suit says hi to a grocery store bagger.
bagger says
"you got the good hand son"
by steezy September 18, 2003
And abbreviation for colt 45. Also some pretty gnarkill skate bros from Albany NY
Thats kids packin' a C45. Yo, you see the new C45 vid? its off the meat rack.
by Steezy July 22, 2004
Can be used to discribe someone that spams a message board with gay, shitty, and pointless topics. Also can be used to describe someone that has no skatin' ability and/or looks like a down syndrome patient.
Dood that kids' a Worldguy, he makes the shittest post ever!
by Steezy July 28, 2004
Colonie is right outside of Albany NY, bordered by Troy, Troylet, schenectady, about 2 hours from NYC. Use to be nice, now gettin' kinda shitty. North/South colonie are huge rivels bother in school and outside of school
Who rocks?
North colonie holla\1
by Steezy November 01, 2004
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