a casual blessing, of irish origin, bestowing health, wealth and happiness on the recipient
an unexpected short along with a pint from a friend might illicit the response:"Jack Daniels as well, good on ya, mate"
by big nico March 15, 2004
Phrase said to mock someone who has just failed at a task. Tonal qualities are important if the intended rebuke is to be effective. A downward inflected "on" and upward inflected "ya" are proper use in this instance.
Hey Bob, I hear you got busted shagging you're neighbour's wife. Good on ya!
by Steve March 09, 2004
good humouredly sarcastic but sometimes cutting dismissal of someones comment,rant
attitude or actual existence.as in-(go away),(whatever),not now or that rant was so ridiculous iam allmost amused.
yeaGoodOnYa! or ohyeagoodonya
by Port. 'Wang interlexual January 14, 2005
A term describing that you deserved whatever situation happened to you.
Snitz is an asshole, I'm glad someone gave him a black eye...
"Yo Snitz! How's the eye? Looks good on ya beeyoch!"
by Dirty March 10, 2004

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