Another way of showing you are impressed/proud/excited by someone elses actions.

Often used in a father to son chat about something the son has done well (maybe at school).

"Nice one mate!" & "Well done son!" may also be used
Son - I got in my first fight at school today dad!
Dad - Did ya, good on ya son. Did you win??
by lukester March 16, 2004
Top Definition
1. A term used by Aussie's to express a job well done.
2. Aussie slang for "Thanks" or any other gratitude
1. Good on ya, mate! I knew you'd hit the target.
2. Good on ya. Glad your on board
by Dr. Lu March 09, 2004
A phrase used to denote congratulations or happiness with deeds.
"You broke up with that buck-toothed harpie? Good on ya, mate!"
by A. "Good on ya" Cox March 18, 2004
Kudos, Congratulations, Way to go? FIrst place I heard it was on Andy of Mayberry.
You won the spelling bee, well good on ya.
by John the Baptist March 16, 2004
An expression similar to "good job" or "nice going."

Also used as "goodonim" or "goodoner"
"You finally went to Homestar's website? Goodonya, dude!"
by applo June 21, 2003
good job, lookin' sharp, nice; etc.
Self: i just finished installing my new A/C.
Friend: good-on-ya, man. wish I coulda been there.
by demonblack October 18, 2007
well done or congratulations
u slept with her? good on ya
by Ruddegger March 11, 2004
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