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Many people think a good minute is as good as a minute, but in fact it is much better. If I tell you that I ain't had no Church's in a good minute, you better believe it's been a couple of months AT LEAST
Bizzlitz Masta: man I ain't had no Church's in a good minute.
Desmond: yea I know man. We ain't got no Church's since the first National Treasure flick hit the newsgroups.
by Bizzlitz Masta January 14, 2008
All long time since something has happened.
It's been a good minute since i've eatin raman noodles mannn
by J.Casebabyyy October 06, 2010
It is an extended period of time, lasting anywhere from a day to months or years.

It is the same as a hot minute. And longer than a hot second.
In a school day: "Man, you left like a good minute ago, where did you go?"

In General: "Naw, my Uncle's been in Jail for a good minute, u ain't see him on da streets."
by Nasj November 24, 2006
not quite as long as a minute, but as GOOD AS a minute.
Desmond: Yo Mr. Gordon, how long is a "good minute"
Mr. Gordon: less than a minute, but just as good
by Bizzlitz Masta January 14, 2008
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