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Adj.-Idiot, dumbass, etc
Bob: dude look! these monkeys on tv are doin it!

Joe: dont be such a goobersmooch, man...
by BigJurm July 02, 2005
When you cum on a girl's lips and make out with her.
Dude, I just goober smooched this chick last night.
by Idontevenknowwhoiamanymoreman November 23, 2013
A kiss on the eye; A peck on the eye
Guy: "Im very sad"

Girl: "Looks like someone needs a goobersmooch!"
by xx_a_beautiful_mistake_xx November 18, 2007
a person who smooches goobers
Kevin is such a goobersmooch!
by Angie E November 16, 2006
1) refering to a person who kisses penis's

2) a slang meaning a homosexual male
"You Aint nothing but a "goober smooch"

"Hey You rainbow wearing "goober smooch"
by AJ27 February 12, 2012