a person who is told what to do, and how hard to that said thing. but doesn't
Jimmy didn't work out hard enought

by Suck me Mother Fucker March 26, 2010
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a person whose brain is the size of a peanut, which is also called a goober, or goober pea, in the Southern United States
"That guy is such a gooberhead, he filled out his tax return with a crayon."
by Dennis Johnson March 19, 2007
Jonathan who sits behind me at work.
What? you used all but the last half-millimetre of milk, and still put the bottle back in the fridge? you are a complete and utter goober head!
by KathrynH November 15, 2006
Person who does substantial work for a mucky muck.
Hey goober head, run 5 copies of this report stat, before i bust you in the mouth.
by gary b February 09, 2004

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