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a person whose brain is the size of a peanut, which is also called a goober, or goober pea, in the Southern United States
"That guy is such a gooberhead, he filled out his tax return with a crayon."
by Dennis Johnson March 19, 2007
Jonathan who sits behind me at work.
What? you used all but the last half-millimetre of milk, and still put the bottle back in the fridge? you are a complete and utter goober head!
by KathrynH November 15, 2006
a person who is told what to do, and how hard to that said thing. but doesn't
Jimmy didn't work out hard enought

by Suck me Mother Fucker March 26, 2010
Person who does substantial work for a mucky muck.
Hey goober head, run 5 copies of this report stat, before i bust you in the mouth.
by gary b February 09, 2004
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