a gooey treat concisting of usually healthy items like granola, nuts and grains and sweet items like chocolate, carob, and carmel and gooey items like peanut butter, honey and butter. They almost always contain significant doses of marijuana baked right in. They were popularized and sold in Phish parking lots but now can be seen at any jam band show. Also called ganja gooballs because of the cannabis content.
Trey said, "Don't eat the brown gooballs"

heady gooballs $5!
by TreePhiend April 08, 2006
Top Definition
A ball-shaped mass of oats, honey, granola, various cereals, sometimes chocolate, grahmcracker, and anything else that is tasty. Real gooballs contain ganja, though some people try to rip you off. Usual price, $5, sometimes 2 for 5. Really tasety
Man, that dank gooball really messed me up!
by Subeej March 31, 2003
a most delicious 'herbal' treat made with crushed gramm crackers, cereal (like coco krispies), chocolate chips maybe, peanutbutter, and of course ganja butter. the recipie is very loose and can be modified millions of ways. it's really pretty hard to mess up
"That gooball got me high as hell!"
by gladbird July 20, 2005
a variety of marijuana food known for its gooey mass. Usually made with peanut butter, these tasty treats are most commonly found at concerts of the group The Phish.
I was very intoxicated after I consumed the good ball.
by Slatinella April 27, 2004
A california cannabis club item that refers to weed or marijuana dipped in hash oil and rolled in keefe.

Sold at PCC and BPG in Berkely for 50 dollars for a 1/8
Xander: Man ive got a lot of money i wanna get the best weed i can at the club
Max: You should definitley get goo balls then
by xandarius_S December 01, 2007
A marijuana spiked dessert commonly made by hippies for hippies and consists of ganja, peanut butter, chocolate, flour, and a smorgasbord of other headie ingredients.
Guy 1: Hey brah, how much for the goo ball?

Guy 2: 1 for 5, 3 for 10.

Guy 1: F that dude- I'm not a custie
by don not donovan June 02, 2009
an western kansas family dish
What do you want for supper son? Goo Ball Mom!!!
by Shane MacNair January 07, 2007
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