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A whore that enjoys and/or loves the taste of cum. Also see Semen receptacle and Cum Dumpster.
Look at that filthy goo girl, she needs jizz on her face and 7 chodes in her tight teen ass! :D
a woman who ejaculates upon orgasm. see female orgasm.

also used in the context of a woman who is the object in a bukkake.
Ashley doesn't just get wet during sex, she's a straight googirl! You should see the mess she left on my bed!
by Ashley Stone February 28, 2008
Google vice-president Marissa Mayer, as unfortunately nicknamed by a San Francisco Magazine profile.
Marissa Mayer: Googirl.
by Roscoe M. March 03, 2008
A girl that like jizz, man gravy, baby batter, baby gravy or goo. She also states that it is good for her complexion. :)
Look at that goo girl she like jizz and says: "I'm young dumb and full of cum!"
by Daniel is a chode(TITS) April 02, 2003
To have a cheesy green discharge on cunt
Question form "katherine, why do you goo?"
by Scott and Mikey November 27, 2002
Semenarist. Cum-swallower girl. Usually this kind of girls, want suck cocks every time because they have fantasys with that.

This girls are common known "White tigress" because of the Famous Oriental Society where girls only desired suck men, and swallow his cum.

Nowadays, girlfriends not only swallow cum when they have their menstruation, but they used to swallow once a week in democratic and free countries because of the sex freedom.
My girlfriend is a goo girl, swallows my sweet-load twice a week on bed before sleeping.
by Bobylatino March 10, 2008
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