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The rare combination of the sexually transmitted diseases, Ghonoria, Syphalis, Herpes, and the ever popular AIDS. Also referred to as the jackpot, GhonasyphaherpalAIDS has become a growing problem in some urban populations. GhonasyphaherpalAIDS can be contracted at most social functions and has recently found a new home in the college populations of America. The best way to avoid contracting GonasyphaherpalAIDS is to practice abstinance.
I Really wanted to go home with that chick, but my boy told me that she had GonasyphaherpalAIDS, so i thought better about it.
by Pappa Horace November 07, 2007
having every std known to man, your mom might have this, an insult if used correctly
you have gonasyphaherpalaids you filthy whore im not paying for sex.
by mike mccord July 06, 2008
A combination of every sexually transmitted disease you can get.
After coming out of Brazil's Centauros cathouse, covered in the bordello's bedsheet, it was determined Justin Bieber had contracted gonasyphaherpalAIDS.
by G-Wozzle November 04, 2013
a term describing the disgusting untreatable STD you get from sleeping with a really trashy partner, also known as instant death.
Dude you didnt sleep with her she has the gonasyphaherpalaids...
by Harvey L. Tucker January 02, 2009
The nasty disease yer mom has.
D00d! Dicks mom got the gonasyphaherpalaids!!!
by bitchass August 06, 2003
I first discovered this disease about 7 or 8 years ago when I was in high school. This disease seems to be a combination of gonorrhea, syphilis, various herpeses, and super AIDS. The thing is, that this combination of diseases live in harmony, and there are actually no symptoms. That is, until you spontaneously combust.
I seriously came up with this years ago, and like any good disease, it seems to have spread Everywhere!
Justin said, "That girl is hot a shit!" I interjected, "Yeah, but she has gonasyphaherpalaids son. Go for it anyway."
by Big Bucket of AIDS September 09, 2009
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