A popular phrase from a popular flash movie. A squirrel is singing a song about saying "Whee!", when all of the sudden, he says "When you're a kid and you wanna go whee, but you ain't got drugs yet, hold on for your life. Hold on to your little.. gonads.. and strife"
gonads and strife.. gonads and strife.. gonads and strife... gonads in the LIGHTNING, IN THE LIGHTNING IN THE RAIN! WHEEEEEEEeeeee
by theskiesbled April 01, 2004
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grrrr.......i wanted to add gonads and strife! Yeah check the website oot with weeeeeeee and my abbreviation is

ahhhhh shizzle! Got me in the 'nads!
by lewi_is_aBAAADMAAAN!!! June 06, 2005

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