1. A gangster in training aka, lil gangster.

2. A name to call a gangster saying that he/she is inexpirienced and almost jokeable.(used in light humor by gangsters to fellow gangsters)
"Wuts up gomie, u still having problems with that water gun?"

"Sup so it wont be a while till u can eat a whole happy kids meal eh gomie? Naw man you no your da shit."
by Bill Elane Stephan February 29, 2008
A person who is a nobody (no interest in that person) or seen as doing a bad job at anything, some one not cool or liked.
A bullshiter. Another word used in Limerick to call someone a fool.
Who is that? oh is only a gomie.
What was he/she on about? noting its just a gomie
by riverside061 December 12, 2013

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