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A bedroom community adjacent to Santa Barbara, and surrounding UCSB and Isla Vista.
UCSB Student A: "Man, I got arrested last night"
UCSB Student B: "that's cuz GOLETA MAKES THE RULEZ"
by Henry H. Howlzer December 25, 2007
A place were every person has/does smoke weed daily and is way better then Santa Barbara
Everybody party hard
Basically the best FUCKING place in the Universe!

Person A:Lets go to this dank party in Santa Barbara
Person B:Fuck no i would rather go to bomb ass Goleta the Goodland
by jennayyy420 April 22, 2009
The home of low- to mid-range income families, nestled into the sweaty armpit of the county of Santa Barbara. Some drunken students at the University of California end up spilling into it, cheapening it even further. It is notable for its lack of any sort of interesting things to do, particularly the existence of a K-Mart instead of a Target, and a CompUSA instead of a Best Buy or something else. The closest Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or good movie theater is about 40 miles away.

This place sucks.
Person A: I'm going to Goleta.
by Wesley Holzer June 05, 2006

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