A Golden Retriever is a dog.

Golden Retriever is also known as a blond girls pussy.

Pussy hair or pubic hair that is golden, yellow or blond.
Kate showed Glenn her golden retriever while Glenn showed Kate his fire crotch.
by Friday13 September 05, 2010
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It's a dog with yellowish fur. Golden retrievers are the best dogs ever.
The Golden retrievers sre the most beautiful dogs ever.
by the_Sonya October 16, 2005
a sexual act in which the recipient of a golden shower collects a mouthful of the giver's urine and returns the favor
last time i gave my boyfriend a golden shower, he gave me a golden retriever.
by B.T.A October 07, 2007
A gentle, people-friendly breed of working dog originally bred in 1867 from a Yellow Labrador and a Tweed Water Spaniel, with that offspring later combined with the Irish Setter and Bloodhound. With hair color ranging from light blonde to deep red, the Golden Retriever can be most easily distinguished by its puffy tail plummage, altogether different from the thick, powerful tail of the Yellow Lab (the breed with which it is most often confused). Golden Retrievers may have a physique ranging from spindly and athletic to the familiar fat, furry beer keg with the wagging hindquarters and the green tennis ball hanging out of its mouth. They're house dogs (don't keep them in kennels!) and live an average of 10-12 years.
I made the mistake of setting down my burrito and it got snorked by my golden retriever.
by Tim Davenport September 15, 2006
When you leave a piece of jewelry in someone after fisting and go back in to get it - reference "dirty hazleton"
After a sexual encounter Pj couldn't find his watch, so he had to give Racheal a golden retriever
by Angry T April 05, 2016
A sexual act consisting of urinating in a partner's anus or vagina and then slowly sucking it out with one's mouth.
"Dude, I went on a date with Emily!"
"How'd it go?"
"Not so good. She wanted me to give her a golden retriever."
"Would it be cool if I gave her a call?"
by Stinky Schulman January 07, 2012
Golden Retrievers are quite possibly the best breed of dog in the world. Originally bred to retrieve waterfowl around the late 1800s, this dog has since evolved into a war dog. Golden Retrievers have seen action against the Commies, Nazis, and Al Qaeda terrorists.
I'm off to Iraq, where is my Golden Retriever?
Sarah is a war dog, she totally just ripped Ice a new one.
If you don't agree with this definition, Sarah the War Dog will rip you a new one.
by Sarah/Ice February 03, 2008
A dog that sneaks food from children while passing them on the street. an escape artist. a wall-eating, car chasing, same sex humping, bed hogging, bark-at-nothing all around pain in the ass. but gets away with it due to general sweet tempermant and pretty brown eyes. oh- and snoring too.
The golden retriever made an entire turkey dissappear in .003 seconds.
by Siliara February 21, 2010
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