A cross between a golden shower and an angry dragon whereas guy urinates into the girls mouth and causes it to exit through her nostrils.
Brad: I gave Sheila a golden dragon last night. She had piss running down her face.
by Angry Wasp December 31, 2012
Top Definition
Similar to the Fire-Breathing Dragon. It's when the girl is giving you a blowjob, and you thrust her head down all the way down making her think you're about to climax, but instead you magiacally pee in her mouth and it comes squirting out her nose just like a dragon.
She didn't see it coming one bit.
by crazy b April 15, 2005
Similar to the smoking dragon. Substitute piss for cum. Doing one of several possible things to make what you have just pissed into the mouth come shooting out the nose.
The Golden Dragon would be R Kelly's preference over the Smoking Dragon.
by Will Sticktwins November 04, 2011
An underground Dairy Queen blizzard flavor consisting of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfinger, butterscotch cone dip, and marshmallow topping.
The Golden Dragon is the perfect add on to a chicken strip basket.
by P Rad October 20, 2009
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