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This is when any person urinates on one's asshole

This can be multiple times or a single event

Evan Jewett loves a golden oreo
by outside the box May 05, 2007

1. An Asian person who acts like he/she is white.
Asian person: Hey, wanna go see a Jay Chou concert?

Golden Oreo: Nah, I don't really like his music. But there's a Wilco concert on that same day, so we could go to that instead!
by hiperson3673 July 30, 2009
Combination of urine and semen characteristic of drunken sex.
I gave this girl a golden oreo last night, and then she threw me out.
by the BMOC May 17, 2007
Three-way involving two Asian guys with a white girl.
I heard that Janie pulled a Golden Oreo with Ling and Xing last night.
by Misfit_Toy July 13, 2011
The act of ejaculating on a partners face then removing said ejaculate with ones urine.
Tim: I just came on this girls face then I gave her a golden shower!

Ben and Andy: dude you gave her a golden oreo!!
by They might be giants! July 16, 2010
When a man pees and cums into a small dish and pops it in the microwave for about a minute until mixture is think and a creamy yellow color then he takes a thin paint brush and paints around a girls butt hole perfectly creating a golden o ring glaze for you to lick up.
I think I knew that I was in love when Carly asked me to give her a golden Oreo.
by Antru July 07, 2013
When having sex:
1) Pee on one another (hence, the golden part)
2) Get it onnnnnn
3) Pee again

AND VOILA! You have a golden oreo!
Liz: Have you ever tried a golden oreo with your gf?
Niq: Nah, what's that?
Liz: It's when you pee, then sex it up, then pee again.
Niq: Sweet, let's try it!
by Niquion March 29, 2011