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This is an athletic negro that got a full scholarship to an ivy league school not because he can read and write, but because he is seven and a half feet tall and plays basketball like a moefoe.
"I can't believe that golden monkey. He doesn't even know what keeps the sun shining, but he gets a full scholarship."
by running out of patience April 11, 2008
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A sexual act in which one throws feces at their partner and then washes it off by urinating on them.
Lianne can't get enough of the Golden Monkey, so we had to buy a tarp for the bedroom.
by Douche Davies January 01, 2009
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A drink invented by a bartender called Monkey at a place called the Swiss in Tacoma. Exact recipe is unknown but ingredients include smashed lemons, Malibu rum, 151, Pineapple juice..

Made by request as an original drink for the guitar player of the band Kry.
Hey can I get a golden monkey?
by ILTGM February 02, 2010
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