A good example of a golddigger is a chick that lives in North Hamilton, OH. Many words could describe her but this one sums it up the best. Petty and fake this one still lives at home and caters to her dads generation. Home or away she's living off some older guys money. Her idea of a background check is google earth and counting the boats & trucks in the driveway.
I dated this girl for a minute once she said her xbf was 50 I knew she was a golddigger (dg).
by dodgedabullet July 18, 2011
A person who is a "friend" of a rich person who sucks up to them just to take their money or items.
smiley1123 from gaia (online): nice profile...can u plzzzz donate to me?

forumdrifter zero (from the same website):yes...i can but i won't :D besides, we haven't talked in a long time so you expect me to just donate to you whenever we do talk? you're a gold digger lol
by forumdrifter March 02, 2008
A woman who knows that love eventually wears off, but money is forever.
"No, Fez," Jackie says. "A gold digger is what these idiots call a woman who knows that love eventually wears off, but money is forever."
by R2-DeepThroat June 26, 2014
One who sleeps with your brother in order to get your families money
I can't believe that my brother is sleeping with Crystal she is such a gold digger
by kantfukwyou September 23, 2010
Someone who goes out with someone for their money
Usualy a woman dating an older man for his $$ to buy jewelry, clothes, and more
She only cares about his money and she will leave him for someone more rich if she finds someone else
Usually girls with sugar daddy
Also a song by kanye west with jamie fox
1: my gf keeps on buying expensive jewelry and using my money

2: she a gold digger
by Christina loves Christmas April 03, 2015
Some girl who dates a guy only for his or his family's wealth.
That girl Brittany is such a gold digger! She only likes nathen for his money lol!
by Swaggerman March 01, 2015
Someone who only likes people because of how much money they have, or because of the items they own.
Guy: Wanna go out?
Girl: No
Guy: Okay then *Gets into Lamborghini*
Girl: *Notices Lamborghini* I take that back. I will go out with you.
Guy: What a gold digger.
by paradisedallas June 22, 2014

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