To not care or i dont care
I goive about maths
Hurry, you're going to be late for maths
- goive
by Bj February 17, 2003
Top Definition
A word to express general disinterest in one's situation or surroundings. Originally from Winchester College, goive has now spread to some major universities round the country. The word can be added to with both suffixes and prefixes: Mmyagoive and Goivestani
-Aren't you shirking?
-He's going to go mad
-Oh goive
by Nicholas Tate March 08, 2003
to not care
i goive about my toyetime
by Old Wok April 22, 2003
Verb: to goive, past participle goived.

Noun. pl goives
As a verb, goive can be employed thus:
Q. did you vote in the uni elections?
A. No, I goived them.

and as a noun:

I was going to do some work but actually it's a bit of a goive.

Are you going to Anal Johnson's language lab?

Yup. Many goives. I loike ya.
to not care about something
I goive about my homework
by facemonger February 17, 2003
To give a shit.

Spanish tranlation - Juave

(pronounced "Hwarvay")
"Did you hit your lessons today Ash?"

"Nah mate, I goived them."


"Piers, deal with the fucking bin."

"Mate, goive the bin."
by Sherly Dean May 30, 2008
A derogatory term for a person, thing or situation that is a source of annoyance or exasperation. Also commonly inserted as a synonym for such a person, thing or situation into a common sentence or title to designate said annoyance or exasperation.
This new olive oil spray is such a goive.

Yeh, I know that guy. Complete goive.

I'm getting really tired of watching 'America's Next Top Goive'.
by harrylemon April 08, 2008
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