Typically a female housemate who without cause upsets fellow housemates with constant whinging. The goiter is always the victim regardless of consequence. A goiter lives in a constant state of depression and solitude, their depression is compounded by intercourse with as many as 1 to 2 randoms every weekend in her search for love. A female goiter enjoys detailing in graphic detail to female housemates vaginal problems postcoital with said randoms. Partying with a goiter should be avoided at all costs for fear of ruining your own fun.
"Oh my god, she is such a goiter!", "Fucking goiter!", "Goiter!"
by Ezascanbe July 12, 2005
Top Definition
an inflammation of the thyroid glands causing a funny-ass balloon thing on people's necks
When the goiter was busted, the juice fed the land.

Macr 9: 27-29
by Noble Knicht April 07, 2003
a little more cushion for the pushin' on the neck. frequents bass players who quit bands and then have nothing to do for awhile. so they work at hardware stores and accumulate the neck mass. but no matter how big the goiter gets, we still love them forever.
"Did you just see him?"
"Yeah. Looks like he's got a goiter.Gross."
"Good. More goiter love for me."
by Bracey McGee December 01, 2007
A disease caused by IODINE deficiency! Iodine is NOT a vitamin. It is an element found in salt and seawater. Dumbass.
by haha April 23, 2003
a random lump of fat and extra skin that does belong wherever it is found. gross
Chris: dude, look at that huge goiter. i could make friends with it
by Topher40 May 22, 2007
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