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In Photography, It refers to not having a protective UV filter attached to the front glass element of a DSLR camera lens. A lens without one runs a higher risk of being scratched or broken due to it being dropped, flying debris or hit up against something.
I know you just got that 70-200mm lens, but you can't go into an Occupy Wall Street protest going commando without a filter on it. What if the police move in or protesters start throwing things?
by GenVirtu December 03, 2011
33 55
*To masturbate.

*A type of military operation and technique involving a solo commando unit.

*To not wear underwear (the reason for this really revolves around the fact that commando missions are so intense that you supposedly shit your pants...thus if you don't wear underwear during a commando mission, you basically test yourself in the attempt to ensure that you don't crap yourself during the mission).
SOMEONE : "Looks like Dave's goin' commando today!"
ME (in camoflauge & aviator shades) : "Hey, I'm wearing underwear today."
by Dave April 01, 2004
66 461
1. To fuck a woman without a condom
1. Dude, she was hot for it last night, but I didn't have a rubber so I had to go commando
by jorge February 15, 2005
58 552