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a player in a FPS takes on insane skillz and gets obscene kill counts. players commenly mistaken for hacking or cheating, when in fact they are being fragged rap3d and pwned repteatedly by the player in question.
ive heard it used a few times by some higher players, said when a unexpected low raked player begins to do incredibly well.
player 1: 45 kills to 3 deaths? he must be going charles manson
player 2: hes only a rank 3! unf*cking believable!

example 2:
player 1: "watch out! hes going charles manson!"
player 2:"i can take him"
player 3 kills players 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
player 1:"we were rap3d"
by free.lancer August 19, 2006
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