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Goin hard on those muthafucka bitches in the hood. word.
Im goin ham on that shit" "Yeah bro, nice.
by BroMuthafucka April 22, 2011
16 45
Hard As a Muthafucka
We hittin Club Shades and goin ham in dat bitch
by Mister Celebrity March 20, 2010
126 40
To nut up, cut a fool,or show your ass
"Man if she dont shut the fuck up im goin ham on dat ass!"
by MsTIP July 27, 2008
116 82
1.) The act of going out and getting smashed, blown, messed up, or getting your rear kicked by too much alcohol and doing it like none other.

2.) To be doing it to the extreme, the fullest, etc.
1.) Person 1: Dude, whatchu gonna be up to tonight?
Person 2: I'mma be goin' ham up in this peice!

2.) Person 1: They don't mess with me cause they know I be goin' ham.
by Ebonics_Man April 30, 2010
12 6
Similar to going "Gipper"

created by the awesome rapper Optimo 55
"Im goin' Ham"
by Koolaidohyea October 07, 2011
3 5