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Euphemism for a vagina.
Joe: Man that girl is hot. I want to pound that gofus.


Dave: Dude, you are such a gofus sometimes
by Jimmer182 January 13, 2012
Short for ''Go fuck yourself''.

(GO Fuck UrSelf)
''Hey, Johnny! Wanna hang out?''

''Dude, how can you ask me that after you banged the entire female side of my family tree? Gofus, man!''
by NekiNeznanec January 15, 2012
Go Fuck urself
Angry Person A: stfu
Angry Person B: gofu
by metalloidd November 07, 2011
..see goat fuck (slang for goat fuck).......yea it is Goat Fuck
This party is a gofu
by rapedbytinkerbell January 31, 2008

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