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Hideki Matsui of the New York Yankees.
"A grillah by godzilla!" - John Sterling
by Johnny Cool Guy July 01, 2005
79 77
1. A famous movie monster from Japan that stars in a series of cult movies that were started in the 1950s. Godzilla rests in the Pacific Ocean and is aroused by a nuclear bomb test held underwater. He has a distinct yell as he wades to the Japanese shore and trashes Tokyo. He also breathes radioactive "fire". In an authentic Godzilla flick you can see the actors speak Japanese but the English dubbing makes it so that what you hear is not what they say. In 1998 an "American" version came out with a computer generated monster (as opposed to the classic man in a costume) that didn't resemble the original beast at all. This bastardized movie had Godzilla tearing up New York City (how the hell did he get over THERE?) and the story is absolutely horrible. Avoid this movie like the plague. Stay FAR away.

2. a hit for the American heavy metal band Blue Oyster Cult.

3. an adjective that describes anything domineering and that takes up space, leaving little room for anything else.
1. to corremorate the new millenium, Japanese film producers released "Godzilla 2000".

2. ... oh no! They say he's got to go, go go Godzilla! Woo hoo hooo...
... History shows again and again how nature wakes up the folly of man. GODZILLA!

3. Jim's Godzilla machine of a pickup truck took up so much space I had to park my Ford right next to the hedges.
by Starpunk December 17, 2007
29 28
The nickname given to the R32 Nissan Skyline GTR because of the tremendous amount of races won during the early 90s. No other car in its class proved better.

GODZILLA does not apply to the r33,r34 or r35 GTR.
Dude, that Godzilla ripped it apart on the Nuremberg circuit
by metin johnson July 09, 2010
9 9
Big green funky lazer breathing lizard-like JAPAN. If you see one, RUN. If he gets you, PLAY DEAD.
If he's one of those smart Godzillas, you're dead.
Godzilla: ROOAAAAAR!!!!
Innocent Female Person: EEEEEEEE!!!
by k4nd0r November 30, 2006
37 37
Said when someone sneezes so as not to offend atheists.
I'm so glad you said "Godzilla" instead of "God bless you" or, as an atheist, I would have been severely offended.
by Sikuvitall March 26, 2011
4 5
(v.) To destroy the work of someone else, esp. from meddling, unnecessary supervision, or incompetence; usually by a superior, boss, micromanager, etc.
So I finished my proposal last night and Fred wanted me to bring it in so he could red pen it. He's had nothing to do with it until now, but wants some credit. The moron godzilla'd my shit and I don't know what to do since I can't kill him.
by hrshysqrt77 April 22, 2010
6 7
A Godzilla is when you sneak into a mans apartment and then rape the man in the ass. When your about to pull out you realize then that the man did not shower for a year. When you cum your cum turns brown and smelly and when it touches the skin it gives the skin a rash. Then when your done cuming you piss all over him and shave off your pubes so the person that got raped looks like Godzilla, and his back will look all scaly because of the hardcore rape.
What happen to you last night, oh i think i got Godzilla.

Wow why is your back all horny, oh i think I got Godzilla
by sturve May 28, 2011
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