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1) The generally female, mortal love interest/consort/bestie of a deity;

2) A delusion, possibly related to schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, social anxiety, teenage angst, and/or run-of-the-mill loneliness. Godspouses believe that they've been chosen by a god or gods as said god's love interest. Unfortunately, the relationship is very one-sided as the god does not exist and the only evidence of said relationship only exists on tumblr; and/or

3) Seen also in rural areas, these godspouses refer to themselves as "anabaptists."
"Loki, my love, your godspouse needs physical attention. Please manifest yourself in the form of my well-worn, phallic marital aid! Oh! Yes! You're here!"

*disgusting squishing noises follow - imagine the sound made when punching a bowl of jelly repeatedly*
by pseudiddlyoodonym July 09, 2013