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An intolerant, bigoted, derisive term for those with religious beliefs, but most often Christian beliefs. As one atheist site explains: "A godgobber is any believer in gods, prophets, jesus, spirits, demons, angels, cherubins, spiritual or ethereal stories, miracles or miracle healers,etc. godgobbers are cults,like, anglicans, baptists, buddhists, catholics, hindus, islamists, judaism, methodists, mormons, protestants, zoroastrians,.....,

too many to name them all !"
Jesus Christ was the ultimate godgobber.
by Tazertag May 13, 2009
godgobbers are any religious orators, bible thumpers,pulpit prophesisers,pew warmers,psalm singers,sermonisers,jehovah jiving jesus junkies,evangelical stage screamers,etc.
godgobbers are any persons consumed with religions or gods,church or religious cult members,sunday school teachers and preachers,etc.
godgobbers are any leaders of religious organisations,groups or cults,, eg;popes, bishops,cardinals,priests,monks,sisters, friars,nuns,islamic leaders,imams, muftis,clerics,etc.
godgobbers believers in gods,prophets, jesus,spirits,demons,angels,cherubins, spiritual or ethereal stories,miracles or miracle healers,etc.
godgobbers mobs are cults,like the anglicans,baptists,buddhists,catholics, hindus,islamists,jews,methodists,mormons, protestants,scientologists,zoroastrians,etc.,,to name a few.
There are untold thousands of these groups called godgobbers,so there aint enuff space to name them all.
godgobbers are ruining peace and tranquility with their religious fighting.

godgobbers like the pope,zionists,george bush are warmongering religious zealot, nut jobs.
by Greg Snowdon December 12, 2008
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