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similar to saying god dang it but when you're even more frustrated or mad. Saying god dang it but with more authority. Similar to ordering a sandwhich in a busy deli at the peak of lunch rush. Usually you have to order real fast, loud and with authority. Give me a Corned Beef on Rye!
example 1


Jimmy: Yo Eric your phone is ringing

Eric: I know god dang it on Rye!, it's this fooker calling me back for the 50th time to ask me some stupid question about Windows Vista!

example 2

DMV attendant: Sir you are in the wrong line you have to go to the purple line to get your license renewed!

Man: But the assistant up front said I needed to be here in the Grren line!

DMV attandant: No this is for vision testing only you need to go to the purple line over there

Man: But I have been waiting for 45 minutes in this line and that purple line is all the way out the door

DMV attendant: Sir you have to go to the purple line

Man: God dang it on Rye I am going to kill someone
by three-m February 25, 2011
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