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Goclmbo (Giggling on chair laughing my behind off)

Created at fall of 2003 by ZunKaii as a joke, and after a conversation with Skyld in which he claims, thought it up.

GOCLMBO has shorter versions which are just cut offs, such as GOC (Giggling on Chair).
GOCLMBO is the BRITISH version of ROFLMAO, it may only be spoken by those whom are British, Half-British or British Related in any manner or way or point. (IF YOR NOT BRITISH DON'T SAY IT! IT WILL JUST BE SAD!!)

Example (from Jedi Academy console):
Moose142 was detonated by Zunkaii.
KawZarri: lol.
Zunkaii: XD
by KawZarri October 17, 2004

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