An adjective used to exclaim an act of pure godliness on the golf course. Hitting a tough or clutch shot.
Goody: "Fang is on the 18th green with a forty footer for eagle and the win....and he sinks it!!!!!"

Wilson and Lucas: "Goblets!!!"
by Zeus1 April 13, 2009
Top Definition
a drinking glass with a base and stem that is embllished with diamonds and usually has the owner's (usually a pimp) name on it.
The Archbishop Don "Magic" Juan invited 50 of the finest hoes to an elegant dinner. They feasted on collards with hotsauce, yams and other fine foods, and they drank wine of which Magic drank from his goblet.
by Your name here: September 08, 2005
1. A drinking vessel, typically used for fancy occasions, and consisting of not only the cup part, but also a base and a narrow stem.

2. A young goblin.
"There is no hope," Gandalf said grimly. "I fear the goblets have taken Bilbo. We must flee this place."
by Lady Chevalier August 23, 2005
One who gobbles the cock.
Guy 1: Whoa, she gave YOU head too?
Guy 2: Yeah, she's such a goblet.
by poon pirate July 21, 2003
A woman, or sometimes man, who has a square upper body, therefore little or no waist and hips and a permanently bloated stomach. They can have big or small boobs and be fat or thin. Then she has long, thin legs. So she's shaped like a goblet. If it's a man he will simply have a protruding belly and thin legs. It is one of the twelve shapes of Trinny and Sussanah, and it's a fairly common one. It's a fairly unattractive body shape.
Olivia is such an ugly goblet.
by i love bj June 08, 2010
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