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Very small measurement used by toolmakers & engineers, or roughly .0001 or one ten thousandth of an inch. Actual size may vary between shops, but always much less than a pussy hair. About one tenth of a skosh which is equal to approximately one nudge of the dial.

Note: When specified, generally regarded as smaller than the smallest one can measure or produce, since while most people intuitively understand that a gnat's ass is pretty small, few have actually bothered a gnat to measure one.
"Clearance is clearance, Clarance, but that die is only missing by a gnat's ass".
by aethernet September 03, 2006
A very small amount
Guy 1: Did you see the newbie at the party? I couldn't get near her all night.

Guy 2: Oh, yeah I saw her. I worked the floor for two hours and I was a gnat's ass away from her when she left with her friend.
by italknerdy October 27, 2011
perfect, exact, right on the money
Jon measured the wall and told me it was gnats ass!
by Genofam October 09, 2008
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