a girl who is short, not necessarily fat or skinny, has stringy straw-like hair, and a hook nose.
see lazy gnargle or dwarves
by Austin Curtis August 11, 2007
Top Definition
1)to destroy, ruin, damage or disfigure. 2) also, to fornicate (usually violently)
ex 1. dude...i totally gnargled my knees when i ate shit bombing that hill.

ex 2. ha...bitch, i gnargled your mom
by bastardfins December 22, 2006
A code word for nigger. Not many blacks know of it. First used in Harry Potter when a girl references to brown creatures who stole her stuff.
(White kids in the mall surrounded by a large population of black people)
White Kid #1: Damn! Look at this place! I feel like I'm in the ghetto!

White Kid #2: Who let the gnargles out?!
by T><B April 22, 2008
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