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A combination of "gnarly" and "hard-core" Used in situations where one word or the other just isn't enough.
That mountain peak is so gnar-core.
That band is gnar-core!
by Bennifercm August 15, 2006
come from the words gnarly and hardcore put them together and u get one hell of a word
" dude that was ferking Gnarcore"
by von Beard August 26, 2005
the act of doing something so gnarly it isn't even gnar anymore its the hybrid lesbian sister of both hardcore and gnarly. also "GNARCORE" means nothing if there is a hyphen between "GNAR" and "CORE" and if its not spelled with all capitols or yelled!
dude 1: anthony's toe-nail surgery was so gnar.
dude 2: no way man, that ish was GNARCORE
dude 1: ...thats as good as the english language will ever get!
by Curtis James Miller April 11, 2007
a bunch of old people dancing naked in a back yard
holy shit dude this party is gnarcore
by juan paublo October 05, 2007
a word deloped by josh g.

this word is said to mean a mixture of gnarly and hardcore
the cab 9 to lipslide what gnarcore.
by a person December 14, 2004

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